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About Corporate Outbound
Outbound Training is a learning process gained through simulated games, adventure activities and team work; in the undisturbed natural environment .It is an opportunity to go beyond the physical, intellectual and emotional limits, so as to improve one’s ability to work better under different conditions.
These programmes generally revolve around activities designed to improve leadership, communication skills, planning, change management, delegation, teamwork, and motivation. Participants are divided into teams and assigned tasks or activities for completion in a specified time. Achievement and performance during these activities is reviewed in group discussions to identify behaviours that enhance performance or lead to failure or decreased performance. Strategies are formulated to deal with factors that hinder, and these strategies are then put to use in the activities that follow, to test their effectiveness - the perfect base for confidence building and the best platform for personality development and team building.

Outbound Facilitation
Facilitator is an individual who enables groups and organizations to work more effectively, to collaborate and achieve synergy. One who contributes structure and process to interactions so groups are able to function effectively and make high-quality decisions. A facilitator encourages others to achieve full participation, promotes mutual understanding, exceptional performance and cultivates shared responsibility.
A facilitator supports everyone to do their best thinking & practice, she / he also enables group members to search for inclusive solutions and build sustainable agreements.

Facilitators are used in Outbound training in attempting to draw on the existing knowledge of the participant and to then facilitate access to training where gaps in knowledge are identified and agreed on. Training facilitators focus on the foundations of outbound training: establish existing knowledge, build on it and keep it relevant. Our Facilitators take a leading role in taking a group through an agenda designed to transmit a body of knowledge or a set of skills to be acquired by a participant.

Outbound Popularity
The factors behind this method of Outbound training programmes gaining popularity among companies is the enjoyable nature of the activities, and the inputs of the participants themselves leading to development. This is considered to be an important part of adding to the "stickiness" of the learnings.
The game-like targets also decrease resistance to negative feedback and makes it more likely for it to be accepted and acted upon. The stakes being low, further encourages risks involved with changing behaviour to effect performance and encourages experimentation.

It is the hidden potential, personality traits and team spirit that organizations look to foster when they send out individuals performing diverse roles from varied departments on experiential training programs. Outbound is also used to understand the corporate and organization’s philosophy even better. It also helps in self-evaluation.

Introduction to Outbound Training

Outbound Management Programmes are a training method for enhancing organizational performance through experiential learning. Such programs are often also referred to as corporate outbound training and outdoor management development.

With our experiential training programs, both Outbound and Indoor, we inspire individuals before motivating groups. Helping each person find his or her personal edge. And thus Succeeding in Life and at Work.

Outbound Training has long been identified as being part of the field of experiential education and uses an experiential approach to physical and mental development.

In our outdoor training programs, participants live away from home and workplace and are involved in the program 24 hours a day. The programs take place in novel, predominantly natural environments that are quite distinct from participants’ typical home or work environments. The outdoor experience is a key condition for outdoor activities to become learning experiences; the unfamiliar environment facilitates participants in developing new perspectives about themselves and their normal environments.

Leo Adv Sports
Planning Your Outbound Programme
LEO Adventure Sports helps you assess your corporate training needs and then designs a program that integrates your current business issues, meeting themes, company culture, and training topics. We incorporate your existing training curriculum, or current readings that you want to bring to life.
From a couple of hours to multi day programs, our Outbound Training Associates (Facilitators) will customize a corporate training program into your schedule. We can design them to work well as either a stand-alone event or an integral part of a multi-day meeting.

We partner with world-class resorts to deliver memorable corporate training programs. Sometimes time or travel restrictions make getting to one of these sites difficult. Most of our programs can be implemented anywhere - indoors or out - so we can also join you at your corporate campus, a nearby park or any hotel or conference center of your choice anywhere in the world.

  Outbound Training Modules

  Safety in Outbound?
Programs are made very Safe, Interesting & Interactive because of:
Corporate Outbound Training Leo Adventure Sports Mumbai Professionally qualified & highly experienced Instructors & facilitators
Leo Adv Sports
Corporate Outbound Training Leo Adventure Sports Mumbai Careful selection of locations and activities to suit the physical and psychological ability of the participant
Leo Adv Sports
Corporate Outbound Training Leo Adventure Sports Mumbai Adherence to International standards of safety & security
Leo Adv Sports
Corporate Outbound Training Leo Adventure Sports Mumbai Imported, Certified, safe equipments & camping gear
Leo Adv Sports
Corporate Outbound Training Leo Adventure Sports Mumbai Strict maintenance of discipline & camping rules
Leo Adv Sports
Corporate Outbound Training Leo Adventure Sports Mumbai Availability of First aid on location

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